What is CBD ?..

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a chemical compound found in the cannabis sativa plant. When applied topically or consumed through   or edible consumption, CBD interacts with neuroreceptors in your endocannabinoid system, which sends signals between your cells to help regulate your movement, mood, homeostasis and immune system.

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About Me...

Hi welcome to my Pure Presence CBD site, I started my journey with  CBD a few years ago, I purchased some CBD oil to try and help me with moods and anxiety in a natural way. I was very pleased with the results ( more about my personal experience later ) 

I have always been interested in taking care of myself, of trying to find the most natural way of feeling the best that I can. Pure Presence CBD oil is a perfect product which enables me to take care of myself from the inside. Everyone knows when they are feeling good life feels a lot easier

I  began gradually, to do more research into learning about CBD as well as its  benefits. I wanted to make sure I could find the most pure, the most effective and the most sustainable sourced CBD products, to this end the universe led me to Cannaibiza. Cannaibiza are farmers who cultivate organic hemp. Their holistic approach to cultivation and extraction allow them to obtain a totally pure, natural, and ecological product.

They select the plant genetics wisely. They do not use pesticides, herbicides or commercial fertilizers. They do not use chemicals or additives of any kind. Their passion for what they do shines through in the excellent top grade CBD they produce.

Our CBD Extract

We’ve done the research, so you can rest easy.

The organic outdoor cultivation and the low-temperature extraction process, combined. Your satisfaction is our priority!

Cannaibiza full spectrum CBD oils (no date a) CannaIbiza. Available at: https://cannaibiza.com/ (Accessed: 29 May 2023).

I feel very blessed to have found them and now I want to share this blessing with you.

Using this high grade, organic CBD full spectrum oil I have launched my own brand Pure Presence, I decided upon this name (after much deliberation) Pure for the pureness of the ingredients and Presence for the the presence within. As you focus on your life's presence you focus on the perfection of you.

                      Well being is the basis of your world, allow it into your existence x

Organic Flow

HOW It is Made

The natural full-spectrum oil is made  using the supercritical CO2 extraction process. This process is used to extract the maximum range of vitamins, terpenes and cannabinoids. 

After the hemp plant is grown and harvested, it is placed in a chamber which is filled with CO2. As a gas, the CO2 effuses through the plant matter. When pressure is applied to the chamber, the CO2 turns to liquid and absorbs the oil within the hemp plant. Further processing in a second chamber removes the CO2 to leave our all-natural, organically-sourced CBD oil.

Pure Presence Full Spectrum CBD oil is made from organic hemp on a farm in Spain. A full spectrum oil is considered to have a stronger medicinal affect compared to a pure CBD oil. As a full spectrum oil contains all the plant this creates an ‘entourage effect’  with all the cannabinoids & terpenes working together.